Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Simulation Tasks

If anyone knows how to effectively caluclate Network utilisation please give a call. I need to evaluate the trace files from Simulator and find out how to calculate

Important parameters:
1. Average Edge Delay: This the delay imposed by the burst assembly algorithm/ technique used. from the time the first bit of the packet arrives to the queue until the burst is transmitted. This is the time delay and is considered when calculating end-to-end delay.

2. Network Utilisation: I think this is the Actual bits transmitted / Per channel bit rate. Need to verify this

3. Burst Loss/Drop Probability.

Some work has been done with CBR traffic which is what I am injecting into my OBS network initially. The Inter packet time can be set and the packet lenght can be set, the Rate can also be set...... keep this paper in mind

Monday, August 08, 2005

installing ASONS in ns2----- will it work?

downlaod asons ns from

Installing OWNS in ns2.1b6

download from this webpage. then read README files.

I am using OWns with NS-2.1b6 .
OWns runs only this version of NS .

When you will install OWns with ns-2.1b6 you will find an error on file of nam , to resolve this you can :

1)to copy the compiled nam file by another version of ns (like 2.1b9) end to
put this file in the directory ns-allinone-2.1b6/ns-2.1/bin/.

2)if you use this simulator on Redhat 6.2 (i know that is very old....) you
will install all it without problem.

After a lot of patches mainly supported by this webpage, i managed to get ns2.1b6a working on tuesday 16th aug and I need to sort out the OWNS installation and hopefully run the script by tonight. we need results pronto!!!!!!!

See this link for all the patches.

editing PATH variables.....important

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/netsims/ns-allinone-2.28/ns-2.28/:.:$HOME/netsims/ns-allinone-2.28/nam-1.11/:.:$HOME/netsims/ns-allinone-2.28/cweb/:.

always use :. at the end of the line to prevent having to use the ./command to run executables

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Installing gt-itm topology generator for NS2

The order of installation is as follows--- all components are part of ns-allinone 2.28

First install cweb by untaring the cweb tar files
cd cweb
touch *.c
make all -> chmod 755 cweave
-> chmod 755 ctangle

mkdir bin
cd bin -> ln -s $CUR_PATH/cweb/cweave cweave
ln -s $CUR_PATH/cweb/ctangle ctangle


for SGB
cd sgb
make tests

then ensure that the copy of gt-itm with sgb2ns sub directory is from ns2.28 original
cd gt-itm
mkdir bin
mkdir lib if there isnt a lib directory

cd src ( so currently in /gt-itm/src)
copy libgb.a from sgb into the lib folder in /gt-itm/lib (which you created above)

make all ( should make due to libgb.a in lib)

cd ../sgb2ns
make all

errors might crop up for the make process in /gt-itm/src for file eval.c
all you need to do is bring up line 163 to line 162 to complete the "printf process" in one line
it should complete the build now....such dodgy software.
There gt-itm/bin should have all the executables including "itm"

Add itm and sgb2ns to the path by adding /gt-itm/bin:. to the path

for more information look in the archives for feb 2005 and search the page for "sgb" to highlight the relevant areas

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Installing Linux Fedora Core 3

Downlaod the iso files from fedora core website and burned to 4 cds. Install from cds. it is easy till you get to the welcome screen as i found out. Ensure that you choose a generic TFT or CRT driver or there will be hell to pay!!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Installation Problems-Nam

I have sucessfully installed NS2, the problem was with Nam the network animator. the issue is that Nam does not compile sucessfully make with gcc 3.4 which what fedora core 3 comes with.

To solve the problem, i edited agent.h in Nam-1.11 directory and changed line 73 from 'Null' to 0
This allowed Nam to make, then I ran a Make Install to install nam.

This works fine but, you have to add nam and ns to PATH by

bash # PATH=/whereever/your/directory is/nam-1.11:$PATH
bash # PATH=/whereever/your/directory is/ns-2.28:$PATH

obviously different if using csh/tsch instead of bash.


To prevent further errors with installing nam due to the gcc problems, then do..

gcc -v to get the gcc version, nam has problems with gcc 3.4
download ns228-gcc34.patch from the net (copy and create a file with emacs then paste and name the file accordingly)

and apply ...

patch -p0 < ns228-gcc34.patch